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Anställda: 118

Bransch: Data & IT

VD: Pierre Roger Lindmark

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Karriär på Winningtemp

Why join our team?

Why join our purple team?

We believe in the perfect match. You want to be with us as much as we want you to be a part of our Winning Team. Here are a few reasons for you to join us our amazing journey:


  • Work with a meaningful product

    The most fantastic thing about our product is that it helps people feel better about their job and the workplace. Winningtemp’s intuitive platform reduces job fatigue, stress, bullying and increases the overall well-being. We receive regular feedback from customers who tell us how we change their everyday lives. We are very proud of our product and by joining us you also will get a huge sense of meaningfulness in your daily work.


  • We reach for the stars

    Winningtemp is an ambitious company, and you are not only joining as an employee but as an integral part of a crew growing from a start-up to a scale-up– we can promise that it will be a speedy and exciting trip!


  • Growth and personal development

    We want to grow in a rapid pace, that’s why we need ambitious people that are willing to think outside the box and work together to create this company. You will get a chance to test new solutions and cultivate your skills at Winningtemp, and there are many opportunities at our company to develop both professionally and as a person.


  • Create history

    Be a part of creating history. By 2023, our goal is to positively make an impact on more than 2 500 000 people with our product.


  • The purple family  

    We are not the bragging kind, but when it comes to our people, we must be honest. We have the best employees in the world. They are not only super dedicated and skilled at their jobs, but they are also the kindest, most helpful and greatest bunch of people there is. You will be amazed!

Sneak peek inside Winningtemp

Sneak peek inside Winningtemp


It is natural for us to use our own tool to give the best possible employee experience at Winningtemp. 
We continuously measure our employees'  well-being, view on leadership and team spirit. Each month,
the leader then runs a "temp workshop" with the team in order to follow up on the results.

So why are we telling you this? Well, we think you are entitled to see what your new, potential colleagues
actually think, beyond flashy Employer Branding efforts.

The widget below (on mobile) or on the right side (on desktop) you can see, in real-time, how we at Winningtemp experience leadership, team spirit and what our average temperature looks like.

Lediga jobb på Winningtemp

Lediga jobb på Winningtemp

Winningtemp jobb: Vill du se vilka jobb vi har just nu?

Winningtemp jobb - En inblick i hur det är att jobba på Winningtemp: 10 omdömen, lediga jobb, löner och kontorsbilder. Läs vad det anställda tycker och få en bättre inblick i Winningtemp som arbetsplats baserat på information som finns publicerat av nuvarande och tidigare anställda på